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This Week Ushers in a New Era for Humanity

TheMightyOne- Seek The Truth

This week we will be experiencing a shift that will be far more noticeable than any previous shift. Although you may not realize the difference immediately, you will soon find yourself thinking and behaving differently. You have no cleared any of your personal and global fears. 2012 was the year you transition between dimensions. The first ten and a half months of 2012 were all in preparation for this week. By the end of December, you will have ascended, and the New Earth will be firmly in place. 

Think of this week as the installation of the New Age. You have gone as far as you can with your Old Age being, and to shift from the Old Age to the New Age in physical form, youneeded to be certain that the third dimension held little comfort for you. This week you will uncover a new excitement that draws you further and further from any need to be an Old Age care taker, victim or outer-directed power monger. The most alluring aspect of all will be your knowledge that you are no longer of the third dimension. You will sparkle and shine internally and externally and you will frighten those people who cannot or are not willing to comprehand that you are not of the same dimension. 

Seek The Truth

How will Earth change overall? There will be more divisiveness than has been true in the past. Not necessarily in terms of politics- but instead that various groups will no longer be comfortable interacting with one another. 

This week is the tipping point. No longer are third dimesnional beings in control of you or Earth. Welcome to the New Age in all of its glory, and all of your sparkle. Those of the third dimension will be outdated and old-fashioned. Embrace this new era! Be prepared for the most wonderful things that are ahead of you, and all of us. 

[Thank you Brenda Hoffman of for the original article- which can be found here]