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2013 Year of Community


What an inspired video from Lee Harris and the Spirit Library ...thank you Lee! 


We are changing. We are changing. We are entering a brave new world.

Brave, because courage is what it will take to face some of the challenges; new, because feeling rather than mind will now take the leadership role for our society and our planet.

We have reached the end of the road where the old ways and the old resources are concerned. So now, we use our inner resourcefulness to create the new and adapt, just as many generations have before us learnt to adapt.

The change we are facing is of a mastery level. 

We as human beings have, in our cellular memory, all of the shifts that humanity has been through before programmed into our bodies. But never before has the playing field been so wide. 

This is thrilling and sometimes intimidating. 

We live on a planet of duality and duality will continue to be the experience as we move into a greater sense of personal power, and through that, community connection.

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