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The Story Of TheMightyOne


TheMightyOne There's a revolution of the heart taking place. At it's helm? TheMightyOne.

No, we're not talking about the obvious, old world Lord and Master. We mean one Vancouver-based rocker who realizes that while many fear our big, blue planet has a date with decimation in the next calendar year, there's a deeper reality shift underway.



“We're not human beings having a spiritual experience...we're spiritual beings having human experience,” exclaims Tim Steinruck, spearhead of TheMightyOne and it's genre-defying attack.

While far from religious, his universal outlook as relayed though staunch, gut-crushing rock, thick, powerful chords and virulent melodies is no less commanding, demanding, enthralling or compelling than the greatest of Gospel preachers. Channelling spirituality into guttural and forthright yet eloquently refined music, TheMightyOne is quickly ushering in a new era of passionate rock 'n' roll: Conscious Rock.

“What happens to our body when we die doesn't matter,” he continues, divulging the impetus behind TheMightyOne and sophomore independent full-length SHiFT. “Our true essence exists forever. That's what I'm talking about with TheMightyOne. It's this inner power we all have. We are all one through universal connectivity and that ultimate realization links us to our self-empowerment. We all have this mighty internal force to draw on. That's our birthright; our true essence. The more we utilize it, the more abundant our lives become.

” Tapping deeply into that wellspring of personal power thanks a legacy that is as interesting and storied as the tracks that comprise SHiFT, the spirit behind TheMightyOne's coarse edginess and sublime inventiveness is nothing less than obvious.

Raised in a devoutly Mennonite household that inspired him to strike out fearlessly and bastardize mighty influences including AC/DC, Van Halen and Motley Crue into an inimitable style, Steinruck's back pages boast a wealth of revered bands and flirtation with The Brass Ring under guidance from KISS front Paul Stanley.

Still, despite touching lofty goals, Steinruck's feet are firmly planted in fertile ground as SHiFT quickly reveals. Overseeing this craft alone has ensured TheMightyOne is clear and obvious: pure in sound, provocative in content and explosive in execution.

“I've had successes in past and saw them pulled away because bands really are like relationships with multiple people at one time. They're difficult and you spend a lot of time and heartache watching it unravel. Years ago when one project I thought was really going to make it failed, it broke my world apart. That's when I officially became a songwriter because I was finally able to express how I was truly feeling. Eventually I struck out alone as TheMightyOne,”Steinruck asserts. “I activated my self-empowerment.”

Self-produced at his own Begin Studio, SHiFT's aural prowess only serves to amplify its overall thematic drive. Rich and crisp yet primed with attack, the album's sentient essence is blunt. That said, Steinruck embraces its openness to interpretation.

“I think a lot of what I write about here divulges coming to terms and living with our fellow human and society in general... And overcoming the control mechanisms that we've been programmed with,” he relays. “Either way, when people read the lyrics, they can make SHiFT into their own story because when it comes down to it, I just want them to walk away with one motivation: to stand up; get off their knees. You're the one you've been waiting for. You're the chosen one.”


“Fear has been the driving force in many world decisions but there's a revolution taking place; a change in thinking and consciousness,” he adds. “Even in the end of one cycle, there's a new one starting. All these things are part of the clockwork of the Universe. Somewhere in the middle is the reality of what's going on and the byproduct is a 'SHiFT' in this way humans view ourselves and our place in world. Something fresh emerging. TheMightyOne is the soundtrack to that.

” From the grit of lead single “Waiting For You” through “Connected” and its haunting vitality and epic centrepiece “Countdown to Ascension,” SHiFT is one hell of a score to change. Spurring listeners to awaken from the sleepwalk of life and embrace the here-and-now via rip-roarin' rock 'n' roll, TheMightyOne isn't just affecting a change in rock. He's forcing an awakening of the masses.

Regardless, even Steinruck himself admits that despite his multifaceted levels of creation and primal, distortion-laden relay, the ultimate directive for TheMightyOne and SHiFT is simple: pure, unadulterated enjoyment with one foot in your mind's thought processes. Conscious rock, indeed.





 “While I stray away from the direct word 'concept,' there is a lot of deeper meaning in the album,” he concludes. “We're not about escaping your life for 90 minutes. We want you to celebrate how it is in this moment and look towards the future with a positive slant, looking at life in new way. But if you're happy stay on a surface level, that's great too. SHiFT is like this: Heaven and Hell exist in your mind. A couple of positive thoughts can usher in Heaven but when you see yourself as a victim of your own life you create your own Hell...hopefully TheMightyOne can inspire that SHiFT.”





mightyone-web-band-handsRecent Career Highlights:

Recent Career Highlights:

• Produced/Engineered/Mixed by Dean Maher (Faber Drive, Slayer, Trapt, and Marianas Trench)Hugh g hybrid

• 2 singles from previous album added to Canadian Active Rock stations. “Reprieved” was spun 458x and “Back to You” 226x

• Official video for "Reprieved" is in regular rotation at Much Loud, AUX TV and over 2,500 plays at YouTube.

•      plays at Jango Music internet radio                  

• Over 250,000 plays on Myspace

• MTV music placements – Moving In, World of Jenks, the City, Parental Control, Nitro Circus – Rob Dyrdeck’s Fantasy Factory

• 5 million plays at