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What on Earth is Going On: What is the Shift?

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The shift associated with 2012 is not about one day in a calendar. It refers to a window of time we are in right now during which Earth moves through a particular point in space that she only touches every 26, 000 years.

This point is in alignment with the Galactic Centre, which emanates a very high vibrational energy, and as we move through it it's like getting an upgrade from analogue to digital tv -- Earth and everything on her is literally shifting frequency to a higher level! The ancients referred to this point in space as a Crossroads, knowing it offered the opportunity for a great quantum leap in our evolution and consciousness.


We're seeing a lot of upheaval at this time, with our jobs and relationships, with the economy, politics and the environment, because everything not in alignment with the higher frequency energy is in the process of collapse or transformation. Just like when you clean up your attic or renovate a building, it looks worse before it gets better but eventually you emerge with a new, clean space.

* The window of time we are in right now marks the culmination of many cycles, waves and prophecies. This clip, in referring to the ending of a 26, 000 year cycle, doesn't infer that this is the only cycle coming to completion now. While there are many cycle/wave timelines, more than can be discussed in a one minute video, the exciting thing is that they are all converging now at this unique time in our evolution, all for a common purpose: the shifting of Earth and all on her into a higher vibrational reality.