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Solar Activity & the Earth

On Thursday, January 20, sunspot 1041 erupted and released a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) that was aimed directly at Earth. It was a substantial blast that directly impacted the Earth's magnetosphere. Our magnetosphere basically shields Earth's atmosphere and us from cosmic radiation. On January 23, sunspot 1402 erupted and sent an almost X class CME, one of the most powerful kinds, hurtling towards us. Its impact was the biggest ever recorded.

NASA has predicted this increase of sun activity. What's different about this particular cycle is that it is also one that was talked about and predicted thousands of years ago by the ancients and is part of a much larger cycle that is outside of the typical 11 years.

I am not a scientist.  However, it's a fact that we are electric beings. Solar flares directed at the Earth affect satellites, communications and, in extreme cases, power grids.  (There was a CME incident in the 1800's  that wiped out part of the power grid in North America.)  I believe that this increased solar activity affects human beings in the same way a full moon causes hospitals and police to experience a spike in negative activity. The "Arab Spring" and "Occupyā€¯ movements began last year around the beginning of the Sun's awakening. Is it just coincidence, or is the Sun's unprecedented activity, prophesized by the ancients, activating us to finally question the choices and controls imposed by our leaders and corporations? Is it activating us to question our relationship with the Earth?